Opensource IT solutions for your home or professional computer.

Opensource IT solutions for your home or professional computer.

This course offers an overview of free IT solutions to manage your professional activity. Based on the book “IT solutions for very small businesses with free software”, it is aimed at small businesses, but also associations and collectives. The list of subjects is wide, but depending on the duration of the training we will focus on your needs and areas of interest.

We will also discuss important concepts such as the freedoms offered by software and online services, the functioning of the Internet and the distinction between software installed on the personal computer and software installed on a online server.


Know the IT tools that will allow you to manage and organize better your professional activity.


Small businesses, associations, collectives


Used to using a computer for personal or professional use




1 to 3 days


Guarantee your freedom

  • What is a free software?

  • The importance of file formats

  • Trouver et utiliser des logiciels libres

  • Find and use free software

Communicating with others

  • Manage emails and contacts with Thunderbird

  • Share calendars

  • Optimizing your navigation with Firefox

  • Online Chat, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing

Manage your brand image

  • Basics of computer graphics and digital imagery

  • Shaping images for the web and printing with GIMP

  • Edit a paper brochure with Scribus

  • Use free graphic resources, without infringing copyright

Get organized

  • Gestion de projets

  • Project management

  • Write with others with a pad

  • Commercial management with Dolibarr

  • Use a file sharing service with ownCloud

  • Discover loyal online services

Manage your data

  • LibreOffice, free office suite

  • Data backup and restore with Areca Backup

  • Choose and protect your passwords